Our range of specialist security services helps secure your premises, people and assets, minimising risk. Whether their dressed in overt security uniforms or wearing jeans and a polo to complement your environment, our security experts become an extension of your team, and brand ambassadors for your organisation.

Front Of House

Front of House

Entrance areas are a visitor’s first and last impression of your organisation and as such need to be safe, welcoming and professional environments that create a positive guest experience.

Our role as the front of house security team is to provide a warm welcome and assist individuals, whilst maintaining the safety and security of the building. Our security team is continually looking for unusual and concerning activities, whilst interacting and helping guests and employees as they arrive and depart.

Guarding London

Mobile Security 

Reliable security when you need it.

Mobile security give you the peace of mind that you, your team, and your assets are protected.

Your alarms are not set off every day, but ours are. 

We have the training, expertise, knowledge and experience to pre-empt problems and confidently handle every situation, whether it’s a minor incident or a major breach.

Operating with a network of SIA licensed mobile security officers, together with access to cutting edge technology, we take the headache and fear out of security, whether it’s perceived, present, or your legal
duty of care. 

Our mobile security service has four core areas - Security Patrols, Alarm Response, Building Locking & Unlocking, and Lone Worker Escorts. 

Close Protection

Close Protection

Our Close protection officers (CPOs) keep clients safe from unwanted attention or physical harm. They are responsible for assessing security measures and providing discreet surveillance.

Their work includes:

  • Protection from threats of physical violence.
  • Auditing premises noting hazards and exposure to risks.
  • Driving the client to and from venues.

These are often ex military/police/defence personnel who have experience of working in hazardous environments. Individuals offer small arms skills along with formal qualifications in close protection activities.

Event Security

Event Security

We pride ourselves in delivering safe and enjoyable events, with the attendee experience at the heart of our delivery.

We work closely with organisers, to create a security and crowd management plan that is tailored to the needs of each event, venue, audience profile and the local community.

We work with leading venues across London to deliver events, conferences and exhibitions for the arts, live entertainment and smaller VIP events.


Want to find out more about our specialist security services? Speak to one of our experts. 

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